Stand back, vegetable!


“The failure of fruit and veg to sustain is also why my eyes roll upwards when I here [sic] weight loss experts or health professionals recommend that people eat plenty of vegetables and fruit because “the fibre helps fill you up and keep you full for longer.” My experience, as I’ve said, is that this is largely bullshit.” – Dr. John Briffa

Since we went paleo a couple of years ago, I have failed to share my husband’s verve for lunch salads, nor do I consume near the amount of veg that he does at dinner. Not that I don’t eat a lot of vegetables – I do, but just not nearly as much as he does. And I always felt a little bit bad about that for some reason.


But the truth is, a big salad just doesn’t cut it for me as far as lunches go. If I have a salad for lunch, but 1:15 I’ll be hunting around for something else to eat. I need a big hunk of animal protein and fat (preferably warm) in my belly before I feel sated.

I guess that’s why Dr. John Briffa’s recent blog post resonated with me today. Sure, it’s important to make sure you consume a variety of dark and bright vegetables to ensure you’re nourishing your body (yesterday I had carrots, celery, brussel sprouts, sweet potato, swiss chard and onions, plus an apple and banana) but you also really, really need high quality protein and fat (yesterday I had eggs, bacon, ground beef, beef shank, gravy, coconut oil, fish oil, butter and probably too many spiced nuts).

I’m not sure how people on low fat diets get by, actually. Probably by eating a lot of bread, if I had to guess. Anyway – for whatever reason, this blog post made me feel better about my love/hate relationship with vegetables. I admire them, and they are a side attraction for sure, just not the main event as far as I’m concerned.

What do you think?