Effects of Grains

Why Grains Are Really A Bane To A Healthy Existence

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Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge

I’ve decided to do a Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge starting today. I am doing this challenge so that:

  1. I sleep better. My sleep in the last month or two has been anything but restful. Too much wine, too much sugar, too much stress, too much blue light late in the evening. Gotta check myself before I wreck myself.
  2. I reduce my aches and pains. My muscles have been sore for no good reason. If I’m going to be sore I want it to be because I did a lot of pushups.
  3. I control my stress. Work and volunteering has been crazy lately and it’s getting in the way of my sleep and exercise and food choices. Gotta get control of this.
  4. I look better naked. When we first went paleo 2 years ago and had just completed Insanity and P90X I looked AWESOME. I was down to a size 2, I was tight with no muffin top and I felt great. I’d like to feel like that again.
  5. Improve my ski performance this season. Nuff said.

The 21-Day Challenge is good for me because it allows for a little more “lifestyle” than does the Whole30 and it is about more than just food, which I really need. I don’t think Mark is doing a challenge right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do my own! Wish me luck.

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge
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