Banana Nut-Butter Muffins

These are the best muffins ever. I ran across this recipe from a friend on Facebook that I haven’t really ever interacted with, and if truth be told, probably shouldn’t really have as a friend, since we went to grade school together and that’s about it. But then she posted this awesome recipe and now I am going to keep her as a friend in case she finds some other awesome recipes that I will enjoy in the future.

May I just say that the best way to make these muffins (from experience – I have made them a lot) is as mini muffins with chocolate bits on top. You can substitute the nut butter for almond flour, but make sure you really grease up the muffin tins if you do this. Otherwise you’ll be wedging them out with a knife and licking the bottom of the pans…just sayin’.

Also – if you choose to use sunflower butter (as I do so that the kidlets can take them to school) be prepared for them to turn a startling blue-green once they cool completely. This is totally normal, but a little off-putting (although it doesn’t change the taste).