Bone Broth Ninja Moves Needed

Beef marrow stock MEDIUM

picture courtesy of US Wellness Meats

I am trying to incorporate more bone broth into the family’s diet because of all the health benefits, and specifically as part of a regimen to heal some minor tooth decay that was reported by the dentist last visit.

For similar reasons I give the kids this recipe (the second one!) in the mornings. They love this drink. Unfortunately, there isn’t a tasty way to incorporate bone broth into this particular recipe. This morning I heated up some homemade beef bone broth with some coconut oil, salt and unsalted organic butter for the kids (and me). It’s a very rich drink, and while I find it somewhat satisfying the kids are barely able to gag it down.

They do have homemade soup for lunch regularly, but I would like them to have bone broth several times a week. Does anyone have a tasty recipe that I could feed them at breakfast or as a snack after school or before bed? They make their own lunches and dear old dad makes dinner nightly, so the recipe needs to be either breakfasty or snacky in nature…

Thanks peoples of the internet!