Day 22 Progress Report

For some reason I’m really full today. I had to get up at 5:20 AM this morning to take the husband to the train station. When I got home I couldn’t sleep so I made some coffee and made bacon and scrambled eggs (with coconut oil and chicken stock – not a great combination actually) for the kids and me.

There was no snacking at my desk today since I didn’t bring anything, and I forced myself to have tea today instead of coffee. Maybe that helped? I went home for lunch late and had homemade chicken soup for lunch. It was sooooo good. Husband saves the drippings when he cooks 3 lbs of chicken thighs every week and uses them in the soup. So yummy.

Anyway – it’s now going on for 4PM and I am truly stuffed still. Truly puzzling. Usually I am hungry at this time. Perhaps my body knows that with the husband gone, I have to make dinner tonight and it’s just rationalizing that I’m not hungry? I can’t say. But tonight, I am making the nut butter stir fry one way or the other.

I am also planning on doing the P90X Legs and Back workout tonight. By myself. I was going to go for a run, but it’s raining and I don’t find that very pleasant. So Legs and Back it is.

Only 8 more days left. It has gone by really fast. I’m not sure that I’m going to change much once it’s over, other than having an occasional glass of wine or maybe a piece of dark chocolate now and again. I’d also like to be able to eat one of these chocolate chip cookies once in a while.

Speaking of that, I am more keenly aware that when most of us say that we treat ourselves “once in a while” it’s a whole lot more often than we actually think. I am AMAZED at how often treat opportunities present themselves on a daily basis in my life. I only noticed it now because I had to say no to them. I wonder how often I forgot I even had that “little something” an hour after I had it. Or even realized that what I had was actually a treat! It just sort of creeps up on you and before you know it you feel like crap and you’re achey and you’re not sleeping well, and you’re all bloated and farty and you don’t even know why! And for what, really? To fulfill a moment’s craving that you may or may not have even enjoyed while you consumed it. No thank you!