Days 11-15 Progress Report

Hoo boy. It’s been a busy life. Thanks for waiting around for me. You’ll be happy to know that my lack of posts hasn’t been because I’ve been nutritionally off-roading! In fact, I’ve been 100% compliant during my radio silence.

FYI – I’m half way through! Woo hoo!

Food Log

Oh good grief. I did not record my food in FitDay, but I have been incredibly disciplined. Lots of delicious vegetables, steak, chicken, avocados, salads, eggs, and bacon. Plus some dates, nuts, and kale chips (I love them so much!). I reduced my coffee consumption on Friday and ended up going home with a wicked migraine. I’m retreating a little bit from that battle. Apparently I need my afternoon coffee for now. I’ll revisit coffee reduction after my Whole30. Also – I’m now addicted to kale chips, as are my daughter and husband. Son is not convinced.

Exercise Log:

Thursday: a really good 8 km walk with husband
Friday: nothing (had a migraine)
Saturday: 21 km hike through Wildwood Conservation
Sunday: 5 km walk through neighbourhood
Monday: nothing (I’m coming down with something)


Body: I feel like I might be gaining weight. I don’t know, though because I have dutifully put away my scale. I guess I’ll find out when I’m done. My pants aren’t any looser, though.

Alcohol: I am not missing alcohol at all, which is still really surprising for me. Delightful, but surprising.

Outside Food: We went to Bayfield, Goderich and Grand Bend on Sunday and we noticed what an enormous part of our lives are normally spent entertaining ourselves with food. Let me tell you what I mean. We were walking along the very touristy streets of both of these towns, and what struck us was that it was all fudge shops, ice cream parlours, outdoor patios full of people having wine and drinks and bakeries as far as they eye could see. We actually struggled to find a good coffee shop with just coffee (we ended up getting our coffee from an ice cream place (awful coffee btw)). And normally, we would have sampled the ice cream, had a little piece of chocolate and stopped in for a pint at the patio pub. And we probably wouldn’t have remembered to track any of those things later on. We would have congratulated ourselves on how complaint we were with our paleo lifestyle and totally not thought at all about all of those little off-road adventures. In fact, I’m a little surprised at how often I likely “treat myself” when I’m not doing a Whole30. Quite honestly, other than hunting for used cookbooks and meat sticks in Goderich there was very little to do on the main streets of any of these tourist towns. The real fun in those places is having some fun at the beach.

Advice: The best advice I’ve gotten on this Whole30 was from Holly’s blog: #7 “Keep Dining Out/Food Related Socializing to a Minimum”. It’s so true. Whole30 is not really hard at all as long as you are preparing all of your own food. The minute you step out your door and expect to find food along the way you are setting yourself up for failure and making it super-easy to fall of the rails. Great advice. Actually, it’s all great advice. Go read that blog.