Day 9 Progress Report

A run around day! Back to school seems to mean that suddenly we have a whole bunch of things before and after school for some reason! Kids accomplished their first day of the Whole30 with flying colours. Hope that they can keep it up! This is a pic of our pork-stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon that we had with our burgers tonight. Yum!


Food Log


Exercise Log

Nothing! But that’s ok, because we went like gangbusters on the hikes this weekend. We will probably sneak in a quick 5 km walk tonight around the neighbourhood.


The kids seemed really happy about starting their Whole30 this morning. I helped them make their lunches. I hoped that helped. Tomorrow I’ll let them do it themselves as usual and just observe their choices. That is really tough for me to do, but I think it’s the right move. It’s important that the kids own this experience for themselves. Also – the older one started taking probiotics this weekend. I’m not sure if it’s for realsies or if it’s a placebo effect but he’s telling us that it’s been easier for him to concentrate in class. I wouldn’t have thought that probiotics would have an impact in that area, but according to recent research, it can alter our mental state, including helping with anxiety, which my guy has in spades. So that’s interesting.