Caffein and Sugar Demons

The more I clean up my diet the more I see that there is room to clean up my diet. Coffee, for instance. I’m a coffee lover. Love a many cup(s) of the black stuff. I know I need to cut down, but I haven’t made a real effort to do so. Which is funny, because I’m already a very tightly-wound individual. I don’t really need coffee and I’m sure my co-workers would be thrilled if I drank less of it.

And, now I have another reason to. I’m realizing that when I have my coffee, I suddenly want something sweet to go with my coffee. Normally, that would have been a nice piece of dark chocolate. In fact, this morning I moved some papers on my desk that had been there a few weeks and some chocolate crumbs fell out. I had to talk myself out of hoovering them up like a human vacuum cleaner. #humiliating

Since I’m doing a Whole30 the new weapon of choice is a Larabar. I had vowed not to eat a lot of dried fruit on this Whole30, but man oh man, I loves me my larabars. The longer I do my Whole30 the more they taste like candy. And the problem with the statement “not to eat a lot of dried fruit” is that I didn’t quantify it. What’s “a lot” anyway?

And down the rabbit hole we go. I get a sweet tooth when I drink coffee after breakfast. So, the solution seems simple. Stop drinking coffee (after breakfast).

Now to quantify both goals a little better than I did before:

  1. Just the one cup of coffee in the morning and then no more. [Sigh] That sucks.
  2. NO dried fruit, except as part of the fuit/nut mix we use for our hikes. [Dammit] That also sucks.

But, it’ll be good for me long term, I think. Wish me luck peoples!


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