Days 6, 7 and 8 Progress Report

What a fantastic long weekend! We had great weather, and even though there were some opportunities for bad decisions, none were made! Yay me! I was outside most of the weekend, though, so I did not track my food in Fitday. I stayed Whole30 compliant though! Friday night we also indulged in some kale chips. I have found that the secret to delicious chips is to make sure that the leaves are super-fresh and to keep them in the oven until the second before they are going to turn brown. This is the best recipe.

Food & Activity Logs

I had bacon and eggs and sometimes sausage and either guacamole or avacado and tomato for breakfast every morning. We get our bacon from the butcher at our local market where they smoke it themselves. I did not ask if it has sugar in it because I really don’t want to know.


Saturday I had some sliced pepper and an orange for lunch, and dinner at the Mother in Law’s where I had some (kinda horrible) steak and chicken with a green salad with lemon and olive oil (we brought that) and green bean and tomato salad (we brought that too). And lots of ice water.

We didn’t do a lot of activity on Saturday because we were so busy getting our shopping done (two markets and then a drive 30 km to the organic greens greenhouse) and going to my niece’s soccer games, and shopping for a hydration pack for my daughter who planned on hiking with us the following day. We also made a batch of paleo chocolate chip cookies for the kids. It was so hard not to lick my fingers! They were not starting their Whole30 until Tuesday and wanted a little treat before hand.


On Sunday I dropped the boy off at my mother’s to help her with yard work and we set off to do a 20 km hike around Fanshawe Lake. It was a great day for it and the first time we have brought one of our kids (our 12 year old daughter). Usually we can do the trail in 3 hours 45 minutes, but we were a bit slower at 4 hours plus two snack breaks of 10 minutes each. We had salami, hard boiled eggs, sliced carrots and peppers and mixed raw nuts. Plus lots of water. The fantastic natural bug spay from Wellness Mama worked like a charm.

We were pretty tired after the walk (at least I was) and normally we would have a beer and relax, but instead I had a few tall glasses of carbonated water on ice with a wedge of lime. Lovely! For dinner we cooked up some beautiful steaks from the market, along with tomato and green bean salad, mashed sweet potatoes (with chicken stock) and a big salad. Soooo nice.


Monday was a holiday for us. Our breakfast was so big that we skipped lunch. I had a larabar (bad girl!) as a snack. We took both kids to the Komoka Provincial Park for an 8 km hike. We’ve been using an Enomondo app on our blackberries to keep track of our hikes and so far it is working brilliantly. Our daughter was pretty sore from the previous hike. I think we broke her! Oops.

For dinner we went to a local burger joint called Relish. Ordered a sirloin burger with no bun with guacamole, tomatoes and pickles with a side of coleslaw. They were having a deal: burger and Steamwhistle beer for $15. My favorite! I had a soda water instead. 🙂


Old habits die hard. I don’t think I’m an alcoholic or anything, but when we sit down at 9 PM to watch an hour of tv, my first instinct is that we should have a glass of wine. For no reason in particular. I’ve found that a wine glass full of carbonated water and ice or a cup of tea does the trick – it doesn’t seem to matter what I drink, I’m just used to having a glass of something. So funny.

I am definitely sleeping more soundly and deeply and I haven’t been sore from our hikes at all. Not sure if that is because I’m used to them or because of the diet. I am not going #2 very often but when I do, WOW! Also- my core seems tighter, which is nice. But it’s only been 8 days, so I guess we’ll see. 🙂