Day 3 Progress Report

Oppsy. I have updated my food log. I totally forgot that I made Kale Chips last night. I should have cooked them longer, but otherwise yum.

Food Log:


Exercise Log:

I didn’t get home until almost 5:30, at which time we had to take the kids to activities, and then when we got home I was super-hungry, so to make a long story short, I didn’t exercise. Totally doing P90X2 Plyocide tonight, though to make up for it.


I was surprised to hear that my son is planning on starting a Whole30 on Tuesday when school starts. That’s pretty cool. Husband made “fajitas” with ground pork served in a boston lettuce leaf. The rest of the family had cheese and sour cream. I just had lots of guacamole (and added some mashed sweet potato to the deal). YUM!

Last time I did the Whole3015 the first week wasn’t too bad. That is what I am finding this week – motivation is high right now. Next week will be harder, I am sure. For now, my sleep is improving, stress seems lower and my sinuses feel like they might be clearing. If I can just stay away from dairy!!!!!!