Day 2 Progress Report

Today was better, I think.

Food Log:

Exercise Log:

P90X2 Core workout (50 minutes)
5 KM walk


We seem to have trouble avoiding dairy in my household. I’m not going to stress about it. I’m not the one who does the cooking, so when it gets added to my food without my knowledge, there’s really no reason to have a freakout. I will do a better job of asking about making sure the food I’m eating doesn’t have stuff in it that I’m avoiding, but I don’t consider it a failure on my part  – just an oversight!

My daughter has decided to start her Whole30 on September 1st. My son is not participating, and that’s ok. I think my husband is doing Whole30 (mostly, except for the butter thing). It has been very liberating to divest myself of everyone else’s agenda.

BTW – I slept really well last night. That’s what I liked best last time I tried the Whole30, the sleep!!!!!