Day 3 Progress Report

Oppsy. I have updated my food log. I totally forgot that I made Kale Chips last night. I should have cooked them longer, but otherwise yum.

Food Log:


Exercise Log:

I didn’t get home until almost 5:30, at which time we had to take the kids to activities, and then when we got home I was super-hungry, so to make a long story short, I didn’t exercise. Totally doing P90X2 Plyocide tonight, though to make up for it.


I was surprised to hear that my son is planning on starting a Whole30 on Tuesday when school starts. That’s pretty cool. Husband made “fajitas” with ground pork served in a boston lettuce leaf. The rest of the family had cheese and sour cream. I just had lots of guacamole (and added some mashed sweet potato to the deal). YUM!

Last time I did the Whole3015 the first week wasn’t too bad. That is what I am finding this week – motivation is high right now. Next week will be harder, I am sure. For now, my sleep is improving, stress seems lower and my sinuses feel like they might be clearing. If I can just stay away from dairy!!!!!!


Day 2 Progress Report

Today was better, I think.

Food Log:

Exercise Log:

P90X2 Core workout (50 minutes)
5 KM walk


We seem to have trouble avoiding dairy in my household. I’m not going to stress about it. I’m not the one who does the cooking, so when it gets added to my food without my knowledge, there’s really no reason to have a freakout. I will do a better job of asking about making sure the food I’m eating doesn’t have stuff in it that I’m avoiding, but I don’t consider it a failure on my part  – just an oversight!

My daughter has decided to start her Whole30 on September 1st. My son is not participating, and that’s ok. I think my husband is doing Whole30 (mostly, except for the butter thing). It has been very liberating to divest myself of everyone else’s agenda.

BTW – I slept really well last night. That’s what I liked best last time I tried the Whole30, the sleep!!!!!

Whole 30 Redux

Back in May the clan and I started our first Whole 30. We started out strong, but it began to unravel after the first week, recovered briefly, and then fell wildly off the rails by Day 15 (at which point I was so embarrassed I’d stopped chronicling our (I thought) colossal failure.

Well, we are at it again. Sort of. Last time, I dictated that our kids (12 year old daughter and 17 year old son) had to be fully compliant with us and that if anyone cheated, then we all cheated and had to start over again from the beginning (harsh!).

Things are a little different this time around.

My goals are different, for one. This time around, I’m doing the Whole30 for me, and me alone. To prove to myself that I can and to form some better habits. If anyone else wants to jump on board then that’s cool, but I’m not policing it. They are responsible for their behaviour and accountable to themselves alone.

I’m not pre-planning for failure. Last time, I went in knowing that husband planned on drinking during his boys fishing weekend. In my twisted mind that meant that I had a cheat day (or two or three) in my pocket. Which I used. And then encouraged the kids to cheat to allay my guilt. NICE!

I’m not stressing it. I can get obsessed with stuff. All the time. Yes, I’m doing a Whole30. Yes, it’s a commitment to eating and living well. But that’s it. It doesn’t have to consume every waking moment of my life. It’s just something I’m doing right now.

This is what you can expect from this blog:

  1. I’ll post every day 5 days per week.
  2. I’ll discuss observations, motivations, and challenges along the way.
  3. I’ll list out my eats.
  4. I’ll list out my workouts and activities.
  5. I’ll be honest.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy the journey!

Day 1 Progress Report

Food Log (from Fit Day):
Day 1: August 27 Food Log

Exercise Log:

We were supposed to do the P90X2 Core workout, but I begged out of it. Then I begged out of going for a walk. Not an amazing start. I have no excuse.


Obviously, I had some cheese (much less than an ounce actually) which you’re not supposed to do. It was some tiny chunks in leftover tomato and green bean salad from the night before (when we weren’t on the Whole30) and I didn’t even notice it until I was almost done. Oops. My bad. This oversight does not define me, however.