Whole30 Day 11

I was just re-reading my goals from my first post and realized that my non-compliant behaviours on Days 8 and 9 actually fulfilled one of my goals – I’m now very aware of where I get derailed: social situations where I’m not accountable to anyone. Especially after I’ve had a glass of wine.

I’m going to go ahead and say that this was a productive derailment, then. I learned something about myself and now I can actively manage those situations. So that’s good, I guess.

The Chief is leaving tonight to go fishing with the guys for the long weekend. That’s part of the reason that I let myself slip at my conference. When we decided to do the Whole30 in May The Chief knew he had this trip booked and admitted without guilt that he’d stay food-compliant, but drink would make an (significant) appearance.

So I’ll be cooking dinner for the next four nights. I NEVER cook dinner unless The Chief is gone. My plan is to look through the Primal Cookbook with the kids tonight and pick out some meals that we think we can make. The Chief and I have a weekly routine of picking up all of our food at 2 markets and an out of town organic greenhouse on Saturdays. I’ll take the kids with me instead and we’ll pick up everything we need. I’m thinking steak will feature prominently. As will Whole30 compliant sausages. And bunless hamburgers.

It’s good for the kids to be involved in food preparation. It gets them ready for real life and also increases their confidence in the kitchen (and in themselves). I didn’t do this as a kid and I’m just now getting quasi-confident with cooking.

Another thing that didn’t come up in my house was the connection between what you put in your mouth and how it fuels your body. You wouldn’t pour water in your gas tank and think that your car will work, but most people don’t seem to think that their day to day performance is impacted by what they did or didn’t consume. I’m glad that I’m helping my kids learn this lesson. It’s foundational, in my opinion.