Whole30 Day 10 – Back on Track

I woke up not feeling very well from my wine exploits the day before. I’m very disappointed with myself.

I got up early and made the kids bacon and eggs. I understand from The Chief that while I was gone my son made himself bacon and eggs (and a whole big mess of dishes) both mornings and The Chief helped my daughter get a blueberry smoothie ready the night before for breakfast.

On Tuesdays my daughter’s school has pizza lunch. She also gets chocolate milk every day (we signed her up in September). She’s been giving her friend the chocolate milk while she’s on the Whole30. Yesterday she watched her friend also eat her pizza. I’m sure that was hard for her. I’m so proud of her resilience!

My son is being haunted by the giant cookies in his cafeteria. His friends are always pushing him to cheat on the Whole30, but so far he hasn’t succumbed to the siren-song of the cookie. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’m very proud of him. His love of carbs is very strong. Also – his acne seems to be going away. He got a B on his math test, which is awesome and above average for him, but I don’t think we can credit the Whole30 at this time.

We had pork chops and asparagus for dinner and went on a 10 km walk. It felt so good to be home! I love being back on track and my sleep was crazy awesome last night! Yay!

I have noticed, though that I continue to be quite congested nasally and that hasn’t changed since I started the Whole30. I’m starting to wonder if I’m allergic to my cat.

Lesson 1: I am stronger when I’m with my family.

Lesson 2: I really really like how well I’m sleeping at night.