Whole30 Day 9 – Toronto Conference Part Deux

The second day of the conference was much like the first. As I had already kind of blown my Whole30 with the wine the night before I was thinking I might need to start over again (as per our original rules).

I’m telling you this to justify that at coffee break I cracked open a can of Coke. I kid you not. I had a sip and couldn’t believe how sweet it was. It was like drinking corn syrup. Back in the day, I used to LOVE Coke. So – I only had a couple of sips and then got rid of it. I am legitimately surprised at how different food tastes to me now in such a short time.

After the conference I had a glass of wine on the patio with my colleagues while we waited for our train. On the train, I also had a couple glasses of wine. I am soooo weak. Also – my gluten free meal was a bust. The salad and fruit was fine. The rice cake I didn’t eat. The main course, though was bland chicken in rice and corn! I picked out the chicken, but I imagine some of the rice got in me anyway.

At that point, I felt I’d really blown it and was ready to give up. I confessed to my family when I got home. We decided together that no one really wanted to have to start over from scratch and that I’d better be good going forward so I didn’t let everyone down.

I slept so poorly that night.  Lesson learned!