Whole30 Day 8 – Toronto Conference

The 2 day conference was a last minute booking that happened after I’d already started the Whole30.

I packed a lot of extra snacks and food in case there wasn’t anything for me to eat. I packed 2 coconut lara bars, 2 chocolate lara bars (it’s so hard to believe that they are Whole30 approved, but they are), a package of dates, carrot and red pepper sticks, apples and homemade salad dressing. I also brought fish oil and vitamin d.

Since it was a last minute booking, we ended up having to book hotel rooms on the “club” level which meant that breakfast, afternoon tea and h’orderves were included. Plus, you didn’t have to pay $10 a cup for Keurig coffee in the room.

I was surprised by the Whole30 approved options available to me for breakfast: ham, turkey, boiled eggs, berries, and melon. Plus coffee. My favorite!

Lunch was salad and sandwiches. I just picked the meat out of the bread. Supplemented with my salad dressing and carrot sticks, another score!

Most of the vendors had chocolate and pens to give away. I stuck with the pens.

After the conference there were complimentary drinks, and I admit that I had a glass of white wine. 😦 For dinner we went to Biff’s Bistro and I had duck. Mmmm. And a glass of pinot noir. 😦

Lesson 1: I am a sucker for free alcohol and peer pressure. I can’t say that I was a beacon of success as a role model for my kids.

Lesson 2: Same as last time. It’s easier to be Whole30 compliant when you are in charge of  the menu. And you aren’t presented with free alcohol.