Whole30 Day 4

We’re on Day 4 of our family’s first Whole 30 and so far it is going very well. We realized after the first day that we had to beef up (no pun intended) on the snack options if we wanted to set the kids up for success. So, The Chief cooked up 2 lbs worth of hamburger patties and 2.5 lbs of chicken thighs to nibble on from the fridge, cut up veggies, made some more paleo chili and beef soup, roasted nuts because all the pre-roasted store bought ones were cooked in vegetable oil, boiled up some eggs, made some paleo mayo, stocked up on coconut cream larabars (mmmm) and dates.

He also pulled out our mandoline and dehydrator and showed the kids how to make dehydrated apples with cinnamon. A big hit! Normally the kids make their own lunches, but this week I’ve been more involved to help them stay on track with the plan.

The upside of all of this has been that we’ve actually been spending way more time with the kids preparing food and talking about our day than we normally do and we’ve all really enjoyed this. We’ve also been able to talk about our challenges and successes at the dinner table, and that seems to be bringing the family together, too. My daughter described how when she went to her friend’s house today and was offered pizza as a snack, she politely turned it down. We were so proud of her, since she is a people-pleaser, and this was a huge step for her – not just for will power, but also because it empowered her to advocate for herself. I’m so proud!

So far I’m very surprised at what’s come out of our Whole30 experience. I had only thought about the body, but clearly the mind and spirit have also been affected, too! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s journey. Cheers!